Thank you for participating in the EnergyRight® for Business & Industry Program!

Incentives are offered by TVA in partnership with Local Power Companies and are designed to help the Customer overcome financial or internal barriers that may be preventing them from moving forward with an energy project.

To Qualify for Incentives:

  • All projects require pre-approval. DO NOT purchase, remove or install any equipment until all pre-approval requirements are completed and a formal Application Approval Notice has been received via email.
  • Equipment purchased must meet the minimum efficiency requirements listed for each measure, if specified.
  • Completion of pre- and post-installation inspections may be required.
  • All incentives are subject to TVA’s and the Customer's Local Power Company’s approval and available funding.
  • Commercial and Industrial Local Power Company customers and TVA direct-served customers may be eligible to receive incentives, up to a maximum of $100,000 per Company within each TVA fiscal year (October—September).
  • Applications must meet the minimum incentive requirements ($150/Application).
  • For projects with an estimated incentive greater than $50,000, TVA will work with you and to determine an incentive offer that ensures consistent funding is available for all projects of all sizes.
  • Incentive payments are capped at 70% of projects cost which includes the full investment needed to complete the project (i.e., all labor, engineering cost, and demo costs).

It is the responsibility of customer to understand all program rules and requirements and ensure the project complies with the Program guidelines outlined in the Terms & Conditions and on the EnergyRight® website: https://energyright.com/business-industry/. Upon submission of the application, the Customer contact will review the application for accuracy and agree to the applicable Terms & Conditions.

Click here for a checklist of information required to complete your application.

Click here for instructions detailing how to complete your application.